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Freda Tapp: Reviews/awards

Excerpt from Charisma review of "Psalm 3: Thou Art a Shield" from Byron Cage's self-titled album:
"...The worship cuts are no less intense. 'Thou Art a Shield' (Freda Tapp) is a standout, as much for its musical excellence as for its passionate worship."
Adrienne S. Gaines - Charisma Magazine
"Highway 71" has been selected as Track of the Day at It will be featured on the front page of the Americana genre on September 7, 2007.
Christianity Today review of Byron Cage's rendition of Psalm 3 (written by Freda Tapp) from his award-winning album:
"Thou Art a Shield" is among the outstanding tracks on this album. Cage leads this sensitive, passionate song, which has the feel of the Messianic praise choruses of the 70's..."
My second pick for a sound sample is entitled "Thou Art a Shield" by Freda Tapp. Taken directly from the Psalms, this song reached to my very soul.
"Only You" Wins Track of the Week in Blues
"Only You" wins Best Female Vocals in Blues two weeks in a row for February 12th and February 19th at
It's 11:30 PM in Iceland and I was listening to this beautiful song, probably one of the most beautiful I've heard, "Dance in the Rain." It is so relaxing after a hard day's work to hear your beautiful voice. The piano is so beautifully played and all the instrumentation is so well arranged. I want to thank you for making such a beautiful song and a perfect end to the day.
As with all your music, "Forever and Always" is an incredible song.
There is one word that covers your songs, music, vocals and production. That word is "FANTASTIC." You write great songs and you also have a great voice. You put real feelings into your writing and singing style.
Micah did a great job producing "Psalm 8." That violin sounds lovely. Man, I am impressed. Great job delivering those reverent vocals, Freda. Thanks for edifying me tonight with much-needed encouragement.
Thanks for the beautiful, inspirational album. It is really greatly inspired by the Holy Spirit. I love to worship along with your songs.
Have you met Freda Tapp or her son Micah Tapp yet? Just listening to her music will, I promise you, so many ways.
Blues/Rock gospel song "If I Should Hold My Peace" wins BEST GUITARS IN POP for the week of March 6, 2006 at
"If I Should Hold My Peace" wins BEST GUITARS IN POP 2nd week in a row!
("If I Should Hold My Peace") A catchy chorus with a powerful praise declaration flowing through the song. I'll probably be humming it all day. All instrumentation and vocals are of a high standard and definitely you guys should go far!
I am humbled by your talent, Freda and have placed a link to you on my Lyrics by Poets website and my Born Poets website, since I believe you are a poet as well as a musician. Thank you for bringing your music to the world.
I have listened to almost all your songs. I loved everything I heard. You have a beautiful and strong voice and I love the violin or fiddle interweaving between the instruments supporting your lead vocal. "Dance in the Rain" has definitely grabbed my attention, a lovely song very well-performed.
This is my first time listening to your work. Your songs are such beautiful and wonderful testimonies of our Lord. God has blessed you with a gift and thank you for sharing it.
Ron Bergeron -
We love your songs. Psalm 3 was one we recognized at first glimpse. God bless you and your entire family.
What an incredible album! This is a must-have album for all those who seek a new song to praise the Lord.
"If I Should Hold My Peace"
Great guitar sound and feeling...sounds like a mix of Mark Knopfler and Robben Ford. Great vibe and guitar licks thoughout. Sounds like seasoned people playing here.
"Only You" is a wonderful song and your beautiful voice makes it come alive. You are such an inspiration to me. Anytime I get in a bind and feel pressured, I can listen to your songs of comfort. Your music touches so many. You don't know how many times you have given me the renewing I need.
This CD is a must to have in your collection. Beautiful and well-written songs. You just want to listen over and over and you never get enough. This is a well-produced CD with great songs and worth every penny. Is it only for Christians? No, it's for all who love great music.
I love your scripture songs. Your golden, polished voice on "Isaiah 40:Have You Heard" really did justice to this wonderful scripture.
The chorus of "Dance in the Rain" is so touching. I am going through such sadness in my life right now. You have truly touched me with this music. You are officially my favorite artist at soundclick and beyond!
WOW is just about all I can say about your music! Your voice is absolutely've got an amazing ability to write wonderful melodies and your recordings have a very professional quality for sure. I think "Sorrow Sea" is my favorite, but that's very hard to determine because they're all so good!
I have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with this amazingly talented lady for some time now. I just want you all to know what a pleasure it is to be able to sit in the studio and follow her direction. She knows exactly what she wants to hear in the music in its final form, which takes insight, talent, and an emotional attachment to the music (HEART!) All that and she's such a sweetheart, too! Ya'll enjoy her creations---I certainly do!
"Dance in the Rain" put certain emotions in greater perspective since Katrina. Please keep writing and getting your music to us.
I listened to a few of your songs and you have great vocals. I also like the use of the violin in a lot of your music and your lyrics are cleverly done.
WOW! What amazing music and talent you have here! I am sure you have a Grammy laying around somewhere. If not, it'll be soon. I am pretty sure you're one of the best, if not the best I have heard on Soundclick!