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Freda Tapp: Bayou Bio

The Story Behind the Music

I am a published songwriter and have been composing music and lyrics for most of my adult life. When I turned my life over to the Lord, I fell in love with His Word and soon began using it for song lyrics. I also began to develop piano and guitar skills that allowed me to accompany myself just well enough to share my songs with others.

With five of my good friends, I spent several years ministering my original music in nursing homes, at Christian conferences and at local churches and other venues as the Lord would lead. It was during these early years that my songs were first heard and miraculously found their way into other ministries and churches around the world.

I primarily write in various styles of contemporary Christian music as my way of expressing how I feel about the love and mercy of Jesus.

I did not have a strong musical background and was taken quite by surprise when publishing opportunities started to come my way. I was perfectly content just to praise the Lord with my little scripture songs. It was not uncommon to find my songs by "unknown author" in music books in those days.

In 2004, my songwriting career took a giant leap when one of my songs, "Thou Art a Shield," ended up on Byron Cage's album that went to the top of the Billboard charts. My song was reviewed as a standout track and received heavy airplay worldwide.

"Thou Art a Shield" was also named one the hottest gospel tracks in the UK and has been performed and published in several different languages.

Since then, I try to give my music as much exposure as possible, hoping that perhaps I might garner the attention of other performing artists who may be interested in using my music.

I am not a prolific songwriter, nor regarded as a great talent by any stretch, but my marginal success has exceeded my fondest expectations. I am keenly aware of God's grace and am so grateful for this wonderful, creative experience.

I don't presume to be fulfilling a high, spiritual purpose. I usually write selfishly, either for fun or comfort. But deep down, I always hope and pray that others will feel the love of Jesus as they are uplifted and encouraged by my songs.